Belgische Arachnologische Vereniging


augustus 15, 2015


Search engine for the distribution of species in general in Europe

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Spidermanneke (Natagora)


Arachnida, overview

Arachnologische Gesellschaft e. V. (AraGes, Germany)

European Society of Arachnology (ESA)

General characteristics of arachnids

The British Arachnological Society (BAS, Great Britain)

The Journal of Arachnology

Wikipedia of spiders, an aid for identification


Araneae Norvegiae (Norway)

Assembling the Tree of Life: Phylogeny of spiders

Catalog of the spiders of the Netherlands

Checklist of Swedish spiders (Sweden)

Ditribution maps of spiders on the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg)

Ditribution maps of the Harvestmen (Opiliones) in Belgium

Fauna Europaea: Spiders in Europe

Great British Wildlife: Spiders

Linyphioid Genera of the World (Pimoidae and Linyphiidae)

Nearctic spiders (Greenland, Canada, the United States, parts of Mexico, and Bermuda)

Online identification key of Central European Spiders

Salticidae of the World I

Salticidae of the World II

Spiders of Europe, an aid for identification by Stefan Sollfors

Spiders of Belgium, an aid for identification by Pierre Oger

Spiders in Terraria (S.I.T.)

Spiders of Europe & Greenland, an aid for identification by Lissner J. (2008)

Spiders of North-West Europe by Nieuwenhuys E. (2009)

The Antwerp Spider Project (ASOP)

The Families of Spiders Represented in the British Isles by Watson L. and Dallwitz M.J. (2004 onwards)

The spider gallery of AraGes, an aid for identification

The World Spider Catalog by Platnick N.I. (2009)


Harvestmen in Belgium

Harvestmen in the Netherlands

Checklist of valid genera of Opiliones of the World

Checklist of the harvestmen of Central and Northern Europe

Harvestmen pictures, an aid for identification

Opiliones in the UK and Continental Europe

Harvestmen in Europe